Wally and Kathy Arnold

Popcornopolis, Founders

In the very earliest stages of our development the stars aligned when Wally and Kathy Arnold of the famed company Popcornopolis came into the orbit of Axiom.  Although there was an immediate connection with Axiom founders, Kate and Melissa, it would be their connection with Axiom superstar Harry that allowed them to see the Axiom vision in its infancy.

Meet Wally and Kathy Arnold, the founders of the wildly successful company Popcornopolis in Santa Monica, California.  They were among the first group of participants to ever come through Axiom in 2014.  When they reached out to us after their Axiom Experience, they offered the gift of mentorship. They have supported us from the beginning and we can honestly say without them we aren't sure where we would be!  


Through their organization The Minnie Perkins Foundation in Los Angeles, their continued support for Axiom Equine has been immeasurable.  In collaboration with various organizations on the island we have been able to grant tuition to countless youth and survivors of trauma.

Here's what they had to say about their first encounter with the incredible horses at Axiom.

"The horses at the Axiom Equine training provided us a full day of experience I will never forget. Both profound and inspiring, these amazing animals have incredible gifts to give. Kate and Melissa are engaging, delightful people and remarkable horse trainers. Without a doubt this program can have a life changing impact on any participant."

This relationship will forever be one of our most cherished, and it's not just because they spoil us (and the horses) with their delicious popcorn!  'Harry's Crunch' is yet to be developed, but if you ever see it on the shelves in your local supermarket, it is the namesake of that handsome horse in the photos! 


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