What can clients learn from horses? 

Often people think they are saying one thing but in fact are conveying another thing both energetically and physically. Horses will show clients exactly what they are communicating, exactly how strong their boundaries are, what kind of energy they are holding, and if they are a trustworthy leader in the moment.  They communicate all of these things with no judgment at all. 


How can horses help clients achieve greater health?

Learning about relationship and leadership through working with horses is a powerful experience with great potential for revealing parts of self that clients hadn’t noticed or understood.  At Axiom, we will help them to acknowledge, strengthen and integrate those parts, which will transform the way they connect with themselves and with others.  The resulting changes can lead to an embodied experience of presence and efficacy as well as GREAT JOY. 

Horses, like humans, thrive on social engagement and connection to their herd mates.

If clients can connect, hold clear boundaries and lead from the heart, a horse will gladly join up with them in nearly any task! Leadership is not about dominating, it is about finding the “want to” in another through understanding and connection. That is what we call engagement.


What will I experience at Axiom Equine?

You will experience engaged leadership. You will be able to recreate that experience out in the world.


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