Only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle and with a land mass the size of Manhattan,

the hilly, woodsy island has a population of just 11,000. Unlike its more developed island counterparts, Mercer and Bainbridge, Vashon has no bridge connecting it to the mainland — a crucial part of its unspoiled character. With a 20 minute ferry leaving from West Seattle or Tacoma, you will arrive on the very north end or very south end of the island.

Vashon can be seen as your average small town, with a couple of banks, a hardware store, a post office, a theater, a bookstore and a couple of supermarkets. From another perspective, it is an enclave of fair-trade gift stores selling items like woven root place mats and hand-thrown pottery, a farmers’ market and a half-dozen art galleries showing everything from wildlife photographs to works consisting entirely of words.

Nestled amongst horse farms, giant firs, and red-barked madrona trees, Axiom Equine is located five minutes north of Vashon town just off the two-lane Vashon Highway.  It is a serene haven, where animals and people meet, and lives can change.


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