Just a tiny glimpse into some special moments during day one of our Aspire retreat yesterday... (This was my only chance to pause and take photos!) Taking advantage of the inherent ability of horses to be with us in the present moment, we were led through a grounding exercise by Kate Shook and Melissa Pate of Axiom Equine. As we practiced cultivating a quiet mind and finding mental, emotional and physical congruence, the horses alternately fidgeted or completely relaxed, depending on what they were feeling from us. Amazing to watch a group of talented, experienced horse professionals not only be open to trying something new but within moments, create examples of incredible power through peace and presence with the horses. No agenda but to be. In order to experience any form of lasting transformation, cultivate the courage to make difficult decisions or implement change in your life, you've got to find a way to move out of your busy mind to find the quiet space, lower down where you know what you know what you know... No better teachers than our horses.

Jen Verharen, Founder Cadence Equestrian Performance Coaching


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